Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family Pool Party!

We had a fun family pool party yesterday with "Nana's Family."

This is me and the girls after I got to dive in the deep end and clean up the rocks the kids threw in the pool earlier this week =)  I don't think Sophie will be throwing any more rocks in the pool from now on!

Selah doing stunts with Daddy.

Selah and Pop, kinda bright but still cute!

I though this pic of Sophie was very cool!

More fun with Daddy.

Sophie playing with Daddy.

This is Selah's second popsicle of the day.  Probably not the last. 

I finally was able to get some cute shots of Selah where her eyes really showed up and sparkled!

Selah, Allison and Grandpa.

Selah putting on her froggy goggles that she really wears more as a necklace than anything.

Aunt Allison playing with the girls.

Nana, Larry and Grandpa trying to stay cool in this summer heat.

Larry, Grandpa and Grandma.

My little fish learned how to swim and loves the pool more than ever this summer! 
I am so proud of her.

Rebecca knows the quickest way to Selah's heart is through her tummy. 

Phillip and Madeline played with Sophie all afternoon and I am sure she raced them about 100 times across the pool.

Uncle Billy Bob as Selah calls him, and Allison=)

That is all for now!  Enjoying the last bit of a wonderful weekend with my family!

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