Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Anyone up for some running...

I have been very lazy and unmotivated lately in general, and I have been contemplating starting to run again.  I talked to my sweet friend Lindsay N the other day and she was telling me how she ran a marathon this weekend.  I was super impressed that she had time to train for a marathon with her incredibly busy schedule.  I thought about what a sense of accomplishment that would give me if I had enough discipline to train for a marthon.  So, I think I am going to get my hiney in gear and start running.  Easier said than done...
I am looking for a training regimen to get me started as I haven't even been going to the gym since flu season started for fear of my kids getting sick.  I found this routine on http://www.ehow.com/ and I figure you gotta start somewhere.  This schedule is suuuuuuuuper easy, so I think i'll cut it down to a 4 or 5 week program.  I want to set a goal to run a 5k, then a 10k and then a half marathon.  We'll see after that....
Also, below this, I found a half marathon training schedule from http://www.mercedesmarathon.com/ The Mercedes Half Marathon is February 14, 2010.  I am not sure if I can do it that soon, but I think I'm gonna try!  Anybody want to join me????  Cause I am gonna need some accountability!

Home » Sports & Fitness » Fitness » Sports Conditioning » How to Build a Base for Marathon Training

How to Build a Base for Marathon Training

By eHow Contributing Writer

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Before starting marathon training, you should be at a certain level of physical fitness and running experience. If you're starting from scratch, this 10-week regimen is for you.

Step 1Plan to exercise four days a week for 10 weeks.

Step 2Begin each session with 10 to 15 minutes of stretching, and end each session with a 10-minute walk followed by more stretching.

Step 3Take on week one. Walk 10 minutes. Jog 2 to 3 minutes. Walk 4 minutes. Repeat five times each session.

Step 4Get into it with week two. Walk 10 minutes. Jog 3 minutes. Walk 3 minutes. Repeat five times each session.

Step 5Settle into week three. Walk 5 to 10 minutes. Jog 5 minutes. Walk 2 minutes. Repeat four times each session.

Step 6Keep it going into week four. Walk 5 minutes. Run 7 minutes. Walk 3 minutes. Repeat three times each session.

Step 7Stay on a roll in week five. Walk 5 minutes. Run 8 minutes. Walk 2 minutes. Repeat three times each session.

Step 8Pat yourself on the back for being halfway there as you enter week six. Walk 3 to 5 minutes. Run 9 minutes. Walk 2 minutes. Repeat three times each session.
Step 9Recognize your growing stamina in week seven. Walk 3 to 5 minutes. Run 9 minutes. Walk 1 minute. Repeat three times each session.

Step 10Feel good about yourself as you confront week eight. Walk 3 to 5 minutes. Run 13 minutes. Walk 2 minutes. Repeat twice each session.

Step 11Visualize the end of your first goal as you begin week nine. Walk 3 minutes. Run 14 minutes. Walk 1 minute. Do this twice each session.

Step 12Congratulate yourself for your accomplishment in week 10. Walk 3 minutes. Run 30 minutes without stopping.

This didn't copy/paste well, so you can go to this website to see it in a better format.

Mercedes Half Marathon Training Schedule

Birmingham, Alabama February 14, 2010

Formal group training begins on Sunday August 30, 2009 at 6:30 AM at the Brownell Building (813 Shades Crest Parkway). This is a continuation of Lakeshore Drive east of Brookwood Mall. Prior to that date, it would be wise to begin some consistent running so that by that date you can cover 5-10 miles per week and be able to run 2-4 miles at one time. Although I don’t believe in giving you a “recipe” of how much to run each day, I do give you a mileage goal for the weekly long run, and also give you a TOTAL range to run during the OTHER running days of the week. The long run should be a challenging goal to finish, even if you have to take some walk breaks. As we start to run in groups, I promise you it will be much easier. Please build in at least one day during the week in which you do no running.


1 8/30/09 4 7-10 11-14

2 9/6 4 7-10 11-14

3 9/13 6 8-11 14-17

4 9/20 4 8-11 12-15

5 9/27 6 9-12 15-18

6 10/4 6 9-12 15-18

7 10/11 7 10-13 17-20

8 10/18 7 10-13 17-20

9 10/25 6 11-14 17-20

10 11/1 7 12-15 19-22

11 11/8 7 14-17 21-24

12 11/15 9 14-17 23-26

13 11/22 7 14-17 21-24

14 11/29 7 14-17 21-24

15 12/6 9 15-18 24-27

16 12/13 9 15-18 24-27

17 12/20 7 15-18 22-25

18 12/27 9 17-20 26-29

19 1/3/10 7 15-18 22-25

20 1/10 9 15-18 24-27

21 1/17 11 10-13 21-24

22 1/24 7 9-12 16-19

23 1/31 6 9-12 15-18

24 2/7 6 7-10 13-16


Your weekly mileage (excluding your long run) should consist of 5 days running and one rest day. 50% of your mileage should be divided over 2 days and the other 50% should be divided over the remaining 3 days

Monday, October 26, 2009

Christmas List!

Here are a few of my "wants" this year.  Some realistic, some unrealistic.  But hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

I love this little pie cabinet from pottery barn. It's all we need to complete our "play kitchen" upstairs for the girls!

Maybe not this Christmas, but one day my dream is to look out my window and see this!  Maybe a few cows too!  one day... 

I want a steam mop!  Not sure which one I want, but I've heard they are amazing!!!
I love gDiapers, and these are too cute for words!
  These are absolutely precious and a must have for a cloth diapered little girl!

This is where I hope to spend relaxing weekends one day.  Don't worry, all of you will be welcome anytime!
Again, probably not this Christmas, and probably not this BIG but I'm not picky when it comes to lake houses!  Maybe we could put the horses behind this monstrosity =)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Paying for it

Highlights of the weekend were our "big girl" tailgate,  pumpkin spice latte on the drive down, Auburn Football and most of all seeing some of my best friends!  (If you're wondering about my song, i had to post it because i was sooooo looking forward to hearing it at a real football game, and it was everything i hoped it would be!)  All in all, I had such a fun weekend in Auburn with my girlfriends, but I am paying for it majorly right now.  I am half sick and dead tired!  I need a getaway after my getaway!  If anybody wants to do any charity babysitting, let me know.  Otherwise, my kids will be watching tv most of the day. 
Mother of the Year

I'll do it myself

You know when you ask your husband to do something "handy" around the house and he nods "yeah, i'll get to it" but never does.  Well, I am not patient enough to wait around, so I usually try to "do it myself." 
The end results of my latest projects include but are not limited to:
-unnecessary holes in walls, cabinets, columns on front of house
-mismatched planters hanging outside
-kitchen cabinets that are "adult proof" as well as "baby proof" 

Next time, maybe he'll listen. =)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Horse Heaven

My cousin Lindsay invited Sophie and I to visit Windwood Farms the other day with her family.  We were more than happy to go with them and tour this amazing facility!  So we met the McClellan Clan for a fun afternoon of horsing around. 

Sophie and Olivia.

We started our tour off with a visit to the tiniest horse I've ever seen.  Meet "Andy" who is a miniature horse that was rescued from a local vet and now lives here.  Andy weighs in at a whopping 25 pounds!

All the kids and adults enjoyed lovin on Andy.  I actually think I'd rather have a miniature horse than a dog!  He's smaller than most dogs!

This is a view of ONE of the barns.  The owner actually lives here too. 

Kids walking through the amazing barn.

No detail was overlooked at this beautiful facility. 

Detail, Detail, Detail

Yes, this is IN the Barn.

The landscape is absolutely breathtaking.  I could walk around out here all day.

This is the lesson barn.

Meet "Freedom" the sweetie that carted the girls around so patiently and quietly.

This is one of those pictures worth a thousand words.  Sophie is mentioning the "smell."  I think there was poop somewhere nearby.  Olivia has the look of concern, and Freedom is protesting her girth being tightened by pinning her ears back.  This was the only moment she appeared anything but pleasant though=).

The girls get ready to ride!

They decided who would go first.

Landon was deep in thought.

Sophie decked out in pink.  Every girl needs a pair of pink cowgirl boots, come on!

This is an inside shot of the "lesson barn."

It was decided the oldest went first and Sophie was happy to watch Olivia.

Then Sophie, my big 4 year old, had her turn and loved it!

This is not the proper attire for hunter/jumpers, but it sure was cute. 

I wasn't excited or proud at all... Can you tell!

I decided to walk with her for a minute in case she got scared, but she definitely didn't need me there. 

She looked like a little peanut!

This is the look of concentration I think=)

Lillian keeping cool I think=)

This is Caroline, one of the trainers. I can't remember this horses name, but she was gorgeous!

This is a beautiful pond behind the lesson barn.

Sophie learning to lead the horse from the left side.

Priceless!  All the kids, especially Sophie and Olivia had so much fun and were BEGGING to come back and ride again!

Two happy little girls enjoying some hot chocolate as we walked back to the Big Barn.

This is a picture of the Big Barn.

Anytime I get to do something like this it makes my heart hurt because I miss horses and riding so much.  The timing of this outing was very appropriate as I am having my annual "reunion" with my Equestrian Team girls this weekend.  I have always known that I'd get back into riding, but it's hard when you are on a budget and having babies!  I am hoping though, that we can get Sophie into it slowly.  I know she's only four, but I'd just love for her to grow up "in the barn" and learning all the responsibility and pride that comes with riding and learning to care for a horse.  I am so thankful that my parents made sacrifices so that I could have a horse and ride when I was young.  It definitely had a huge impact on my life and is part of what makes me who I am.  I hope I get to watch my kids fall in love with it just like I did.  I think mama's gonna have to get out there and ride too!  I can't just sit on the fence and watch!  If anybody's interested in taking lessons with us, let me know.  It's always fun to do the horse thing with a group=).

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cloth update...

I ventured out of the house with Selah in a cloth diaper on Saturday.  We went to picnic in Wilsonville.  It didn't go very well.  The first one she leaked through in a very short amount of time while at the picnic.  I think this has to do with me not having the right inserts.  Somehow it got all wadded up inside the cover.  Then I changed her into a new cloth diaper and shortly after, she pooped in the car on the way home.  Since I only have 2 diaper covers we had to put her in a regular diaper as we changed her on the trunk of our car on the side of the road in Wilsonville.  That went relatively smoothly.  After that fiasco, I took a 2 day break and she is in cloth again this morning.  We'll see how it goes...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Little Mommies

We took the girls to play over at Nana and Pop's the other day. Sophie rode her bike and she let Selah play in her car.

She loves dolls lately!


Going for a walk.  I said she loves them, not that she's always gentle with them=)

Sometimes she drags them by the hair.

Sometimes she loves on them which gives me hope that she can learn to be "gentle".

Check out those lashes.

She gets them from her Daddy.

Funny face.

Driving tips.

Sweet Big Sister.

Had to post these chubby legs!

Would've posted more Sophie pics but she kept saying, "no more pictures mommy."  She is a little camera shy lately!