Saturday, April 10, 2010

So fresh and so green!

I've been meaning to post pictures of the precious shirts my sweet friend Jennifer made for the girls.  I made the ruffle shorts and she did the applique.  The best part was that the fabric was about $5 a yard (which made shorts for Sophie and bloomers for Selah)  and the shirts cost $4 at Walmart!  Not too shabby for a cute outfit=)

I have two more outfits that I'll post later on and then when I finish those, I am going to make some dresses.  I love dressing my sweet girls up!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Open Window Antiques

I just wanted to let you know about a great blog you need to visit!  My creative and amazing parents have been building and refurbishing furniture since I was in diapers.  Recently they've started selling that furniture and doing custom orders.  I thought they needed a website!  I know lots of my friends have oohed and ahhed over the awesome furniture they have built for my sister Elaine and I the past few years, and now you can see their amazing work firsthand and get your own custom piece!
Their pieces are great and their prices are reasonable.  Check it out and pass it along to someone you know.  They'll probaby be having a sale out of their home in the next month or two, so check back for details in the coming weeks!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The morning started out with Easter Baskets.  My friend Stephanie gave me the idea to do bathing suits in their baskets.  They loved them and also got matching beach towels!

We told the girls that we gave them a gift because Easter represents God's greatest gift to us, Jesus dying on the cross so that we can have a relationship with Him and spend eternity in Heaven!

We were lucky enough to enjoy some of Elaine's gourmet cooking for lunch!
Trent and Graham tag teamed the leg of lamb.

Elaine the Chef

Reese and Selah enjoyed a delicious appetizer of goldfish and Reese thought it would be fun to eat like a puppy I guess.

After lunch, which I was obviously too busy devouring to take pictures of,
we did an Easter Egg Hunt outside.  The kids took off running so fast that this was the only picture I got with all four kids.  Selah forgot about the eggs as soon as she saw the "bike" (four wheeler) as she calls it, or as Sophie used to say, the "fell weeder."

I got one egg!

Make that two eggs!

Classic Reese.  I like how Elaine puts it.  She looks like Graham, but is quirky like Elaine.  If you know them, it makes perfect sense!

Best Buds - They really do love eachother so much!

Bud Bud even got in on the egg hunting.

Onto "Grandma and Grandpa Dye's" House we went.  Love this pic of Selah - this is when she looks like what her name pause and reflect.  She'll grow into it I am thinking.

She is definitely the animal lover of the family.  Here she is with Toby, whom she LOVES!

This is a common occurrence in our house, but catching it on film at the exact moment was priceless.  Selah is a hair puller for sure, and Sophie is like her mommy with her sensitive head.  She practically cries every time I brush her hair, so you can imagine how mad she was after this.

The Post Incident Daddy Hug makes everything better.

I'm sure that I've never mentioned how hard my kids are to photograph.  Oh, wait.  Yes I think I have mentioned that about 1,000 times=)  Selah is hard to get to slow down enough to even look in the direction of a camera, and Sophie has trouble showing ANY enthusiasm (great example here) or she does the classic fake smile. 
So we (meaning I) was crazy enough to try to get them to sit down and smile at a camera after lunch and the egg hunt.  Shocker, this is the best it got.  Makes me laugh though.

The girls with their great grandparents.  Gotta love the tongue hanging out!

Family shot

I wanted to get some more of Sophie, but both girls were over the camera by this time!

What a great Easter!  Beautiful weather and lots of family and good food.
Hope that you had a great day celebrating Jesus too!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweet Bunny and Blue Bird.

My great grandmother had special names for her grandkids.  My mom (Yaya) was Candy Lamb.  Yaya decided that her grandkids needed special names so Sophie is "Sweet Bunny" and Selah is "Blue Bird."  I was looking at their dresses and thought the names fit them very well in these pictures! 

I have been thinking about my own special names for them and I think Sophie is definitely Sunshine because I always sing her "You are my sunshine, my Sophie Sunshine," and I am thinking Wild Flower for Selah...  No explanation necessary!

Wild Flower

Love these precious girls so much it hurts!

I took all these pics before we went to church Saturday night.  Trey had to work Sunday, so we were so thankful that our church had alternate services to accommodate everyone.  Such a blessing!
Stay tuned for Easter portraits.  aka, Selah running through her great grandmother's yard at warp speed, and Sophie voraciously gathering Easter Eggs that contained money!  I wanted to take part in this Egg Hunt!

Here is a preview.... 
Finally finished their Easter dresses at 1am on Saturday night.  I am surprisingly efficient at night, when the house is quiet=).