Saturday, August 4, 2012

Selma Grace 14 months

I took Selma Gracce to the Botanical Gardens this morning for a quick photo shoot.  I want a good black and white of her to frame so I thought I'd try my luck.   After 30 minutes of sweating and snapping, here's what I ended up with.  I over exposed the best ones which was soooo frustrating.  But, after some iPhoto editing I'm pretty pleased considering I was by myself and she wasn't extremely cooperative.  She fell down and busted her head and knee within 2 minutes of getting there, poor thing.  (I've edited her boo boo out in most of them) And, I was a pushing around a stroller loaded with purse, diaper bag, camera bag, clothes, sippy cup etc...   Didn't get my "framer" but I thought I captured her at this age pretty well.  Next time I'll take a helper and try for some smiles!

At 14 months, she's definitely a curious little thing.  She's always exploring and climbing!  She has some funny expressions and if she's not smiling, she usually has a serious yet inquisitive look on her face.  Definitely captured some of those faces below.

This is my favorite one and if it had turned out a little better I'd definitely frame it.  I still may if I can get it a little more BW and a little less sepia.  I waaaayyy overexposed it and the original is super whited out.  I "boosted" it a bunch and then "lighten"ed it and then did black and white, haha.  I'm sure there's a better way to edit it.  
It's definitely a great Selma Grace smile though, so I had to try and work with it!

There's the boo boo unedited =(  she cried

Love those little toes sticking out!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Nesting dilemma

I am a huge "nester" when it comes to pregnancy.  I think the normal nesting instinct combined with my extreme need/desire to plan ahead (like waaaay ahead) pushes me to nest like a crazy woman while I'm pregnant.  A big part of my nesting is doing the nursery and getting clothes etc ready.  I've done a different nursery for each of my babies - some people probably think that is silly and unnecessary, especially since I have all girls, but it was important to me.  It's my way to make sure that each of them is seen as special.  It's also a bonding experience and a way for me to mentally prepare for their arrival.  I love the whole process of planning the room, sewing, monogramming things, all the little touches!

My dilemma this time is that there is no "nursery" to do since we'll be a family of 6 in a 3 bedroom house=) and with 3 big sisters she really won't need any clothes.  My whole routine is thrown off.  I don't know what to do to mentally prepare for this sweet girl.   She'll be living in our bedroom/den in the bassinet and then possibly sharing a room with Selma Grace until we move next summer when she's 8 months old.  We might put another crib in the room with SG, but I hate to commit to that if they don't sleep well together.  The baby clothes never got put away, so they're out and clean.  There's not much I need to buy, although I do want to get a few things - baby gear has come a LONG way since I had Sophie!  I might smock something for her and if we ever pick out a name I'll get her some bloomers monogrammed, but other than that I'm at a loss.  Let me know if you have any ideas...

As far as things I want to get before she arrives
1. double stroller  - we got the city select, i just have to get the second seat kit
2. aden and anais bamboo blanket - i have the regular ones, but the bamboo ones are soooooo soft!
3. ergo baby carrier - love a sling for newborns and comfort of the moby but i want the convenience of buckle straps this time
4.  possibly a snapngo stroller for times (if there are any) when i'm running errands with just her, i'm not sure if i'll ever have just her with me, hehe

 1 girl
2 girls
3 girls
4 girls!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All I Do is win win win...

Not really, but every now and then I do get lucky and win something.
Do you ever enter to win something and you just get that feeling that you're gonna win?
Well I did and it happened =)
I won a $25 gift card to this super cute etsy site called What the Hart Likes  through a lovely blog I follow called Twirl.
Ive got my eye on one of the super cute hand/tea towels i found below on her site, because I'm a sucker for kitchen towels...
Thanks Laura and ChanĂ©!  Can't wait to redeem...

Friday, July 6, 2012

A Birthday, A New Baby and Big News

It's been over a year since I've posted on this site, but a LOT has happened and I had a free moment, so I thought I'd share!

My Sweet Selma Grace turned ONE which totally blows me away.
  The last post I did was of newborn pictures.  
Hard to believe in just a few short months we'll be holding another sweet baby!

Here she is enjoying her day - crown, balloons, cheetos, and a hotdog.  Loved it all!
We sang happy birthday and she looks excited to get her hands on that cupcake!

Once she tasted it though, she wasn't so excited.   

She wasn't quite sure about all that sugar...
In fact, she was sure she didn't like it and promptly spit it out.

Gagged a little...

 More protesting...

 Pretty much a total rejection of her Dreamcakes cupcake.

 Onto presents 

a sweet card from Selah

Sophie and Selah helping open the presents. 

a surprise... 

 "watch me"

Everyone watching as they realize they're not only at a birthday party but a "gender reveal" party too!

We made them watch the dvd and it told them there was one more present.
Our girls didn't know about the surprise either, so Sophie was super excited to find out.

It's another sweet girl!  

Would never have guessed we'd be blessed with 4 beautiful girls=)

***a HUGE thanks to Lindsay for taking the great pics!!

Here's the video we made of the whole thing!  It was so fun!