Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Too hot for anything but

swimming!  This summer has got to be one of the hottest summers of my life!
Thank goodness my in-laws have a pool. 
Their house is for sale btw =( , but I know it will make a great home for some young family soon!

Sophie and her "cousins."  They're really second or third cousins I guess,
but I love that they know eachother so well!

Meet "Baby Wodes" as selah calls him.
Rhodes =)

This is the guilty look of a child who has single handedly eaten almost an entire container of French onion dip.
She never met a dip she didn't like!

Not sure what Robert is doing here, but I know Lindsay will want a copy =) 

Robert showing us his moves.

Trey showing off showing some moves of his own =)

Landon,one of the toughest and happiest kids I've ever met.

A lovely shot of Selah!

Sweet Olivia!
Selah pronounces it "Reba."  It's so funny, I get her to say it all the time!





Love night swimming.  Pictures at night are a little harder though!

Happy Tuesday!

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