Thursday, August 19, 2010

My journey to an organized house

Are you overwhelmed by the clutter in your house?
Are you constantly looking around thinking, "I could be on Clean House or possibly even Hoarding:  Buried Alive?"
Does your counter top look like a hurricane just hit?
Do toys seem to breed and multiply in your playroom?
Does it seem like your laundry pile far exceeds the amount of clothing your family could possibly wear?
Have you ever cleaned your house perfectly and thought to yourself...."This time, I'm going to keep it clean!" only to find that 24 hours later it is NOT CLEAN!

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have something in common with me.
You see, I desperately want to have the "magazine" house that is oh so perfectly and annoyingly (to others) organized!  When my house is clean and everything in its place, I tend to like it/enjoy it a lot more!  However, I struggle weekly, daily, hourly... to keep it clean.  Most nights I hang my head in defeat as I survey the damage, too tired to care or clean anymore that night. 

In an attempt to eliminate my late night walks of shame through my toy littered floor, I've been looking for better ways to conquer my clutter!  So, of course, when a modern girl needs a solution to a problem of this magnitude, where does she turn?  Google of course! 
After I googled "organize my house", I was browing websites and I stumbled across a gem of an organizing site with a very interesting article!  TaDa (hear angels singing)  This glorious website/article offered to diagnose my "clutter personality" and then to help me fix it!  So of course, I was all in.  If you want to read the article and diagnose your clutter personality, click on this link.  It was very enlightening for me.  Diagnosing the problem is half the battle right?! 

Okay, so read the article and come back to me.  Don't worry, it's not that long...

Which one are you?
I am hands down, "The Perfectionist!"  I look around, get overwhelmed, and then start tearing into some huge project.  I want it done perfectly and I'm not happy unless it's totally organized and beautiful and labeled etc...All kidding aside, the only way I can really get my house clean is when Trey is home to "keep me on task."  You would think that I have ADD, but after several hours of psychiatric evaluation courtesy of UAB, alas, no skinny pills adderall for me.  I don't have it.  (Even though everyone in my family has been diagnosed, so I think I should get adderall by default?) JK;) 
Anyway............Now that I've figured out my clutter personality, maybe I can move on to the next step of recovery=)  I'll keep you posted...

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Rachael said...

Good article! I am torn...not sure whether I am more of the deferrer or the perfectionist. Def. one of those though!!!