Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rise and shine!

I hesitated to post this because I don't want it to come across as complaining... It's not, definitely not.  Just a recap of my morning.  All moms will be able to relate to this, we've all been there, more than once!

7am - I am awakened to the sound of whimpering. Sophie's in my room crying.  I put my hand on her chest to see if she's feverish and notice her heart is pounding! (I should preface this by saying her temp was 99.9 last night right before bed, so I knew something was up.)
7:05 am - check her pulse, it's 160 bpm but no fever, she feels clammy however
7:10 am - page trey and request that he give me a call pleeeez! cancel our swimming plans for the day
7:15 am - page trey again...
7:20 am - phone call from Trey, he says "call the doctor"  gee thanks honey!=)
7:25 - give sophie some "immune builder" grape juice
7:30 am - Sophie starts throwing up.... grape juice.... everywhere
7:35am - Sophie in tub, I jump in shower, rinse off and change my clothes
7:40 am - clean up "grape juice" off carpet, strip the slipcover off the sofa (thank God for slipcovers)
7:45 am - Sophie out of tub, clean clothes on, dirty stuff in washer
7:50 am - Sophie throws up again, this time we get to the sink in the bathroom
7:55 am - Sophie lying on the sofa, Selah is awake and crying...
8 am am - Go into Selah's room (almost get knocked over by dirty diaper smell!)  Selah wants to wear "Auburn" so we change her diaper and put on our Auburn cheerleader outfit
8:05 am - Downstairs with both girls.  Sophie wants me to hold her.  So does Selah.  I tell Sophie not to touch Selah and vice versa!  I hold Sophie and listen to Selah scream for attention.
8:15 am - Sophie starts throwing up again.  Selah still screaming for me to hold her.  I call in the reinforcements ie. YaYa after I envision an entire day of this... and then envision Selah getting sick tomorrow
8:45 am - YaYa is here.  Selah leaves with yaya.  Sophie dry heaving now.  Poor baby!
9:15 am - I call the doctor just in case anything is "going around" that I need to know about.  They of course tell me to come in that it could be strep. Sigh.
10:30 am - sitting in dr office listening to some crazy kid screaming bloody murder.  I'm assuming he's getting shots before school starts, but seriously I've never heard a kid scream like that in there!  Sophie is looking at me wide eyed. 
11:30 am  leaving doctors office, no strep.  Sophie says she feels fine now and isn't throwing up anymore. 

$33 later, we're at home - $20 copay and $13 Dora movie that I promised sophie if she went to the doctor.  Did I mention, she hates the doctors office!

Whew! Now I get to get ready for work tonight =)

All in a days work I guess and I wouldn't trade it for anything!  Love my kiddos and so glad Sophie is already feeling better!

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