Thursday, August 5, 2010

Disney Duds, Dora Panties and more

We're in full blown Disney planning mode and I'm making a few new outfits for the girls with the help of my sweet friend Jenn.  Here is a sneak peak...

The dress Sophie is wearing is also one I finally finished just in time for the end of summer.  Still working on the Selah version of this dress!

We had a short but sweet visit from some of our favorite people and Sophie got to get her hands on this little man!

I always have pictures like this of Selah.  She has always enjoyed wearing "Sosie's pannies" outside her clothes.  =)

She is a hot mess!

Sophie during her 3 hour stomach bug.  So glad it didnt' last long! 

Indoor photography in my house is a CHALLENGE to say the least because we have terrible lighting most of the day, so please excuse the "photography" if you could call it that!
Hope to be back Monday with some fun pics from this weekend!

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