Sunday, October 31, 2010

Retail Therapy =)

I've found a few cute things lately that are worth passing along.  I am working on what to do with the girl's room when the baby gets here and they more than likely "move in together."  I am trying to work with what Sophie already has and just add to it, then when Selah moves in, I can just go buy her the same stuff.  I am having a lot of fun doing it too!  This was my first find at  Pottery Barn Kids in the sale section.  It's called the girl pennant flag and it's on sale for $9.99 right now.  I bought two and I'm not sure where I'll use them yet, but I'm sure it'll be cute =)

 My next few purchases were from Land of Nod.
These sweet letters are so precious and add just a little vintage taste I think.  I may hang them at the end of the girls beds on the footboard or just on their wall somewhere.  They're only $2.95 per letter.

 I also got them two collapsible hampers from land of nod.  Not sure if I'll monogram them yet, but at least their clothes will be separate.  I am going to try something new with laundry a tip from Lindsay, and I'm going to do everyone's laundry separately, by room.  That way you can just fold it and take it all to one room to put it away.  She says it works for her, so I am going to give it a shot!  Sorry for the blurry pic =)

This is the duvet cover and Euro sham that I picked to go with Sophie's pink matelasse from Pine Cone Hill.  I had to order it in a twin size, so it's not here yet.  The color is peony and I LOVE it!  It is going to brighten up her washed out room of pale pink.  I bought a super cute accent pillow with big sewn on polka dots in coordinating colors.  Can't wait to post a picture of the finished product!

Bright green sling from SevenSlings.  I got an email for a promo that gave you a "free" sling and nursing cover.  While it was "free"  they charged pretty high shipping and handling which bumped the total cost of both items up to $25.  I was still pretty happy with my purchase though. 

This is the nursing cover I got from UdderCovers

If you want me to send you the promotional email, I think it's still going on, just email me or comment with your email address and I'll fwd it to you!

Last but not least, bought two personalized iron on appliques from etsy - babycakesdesign (click to see how to order).  Not to shabby for $5.  I also bought a $5 longsleeve white shirt for each of my little turkeys from target and I plan on just ironing on!  Target also has hot pink, so when I get the applique, I may use the pink shirt.  We'll see how it works, never done this before.  I am hoping it turns out super cute though!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have been so tired and worthless lately, the first trimester blahs I guess.  Not much has been going on with us and I just got my camera back from getting fixed so I don't have many pics to post either.  The one thing on my mind the most is food!
I have been having major cravings with this pregnancy.  It started out salty but we've already moved to sweet. Here's my craving list so far.  It changes daily, but once I want something, I feel like I HAVE TO HAVE IT!  And not only that, but almost nothing else sounds appealing to me except that one thing.
1. Jalapeno cream sauce from Chuy's. (highly recommend it)
2.  Strawberry and Banana smoothies.
3.  Red meat. (flank steak especially!)
4.  Hot dogs.
5.  Caesar salad with chicken. (early on, not anymore, ew yuck!)
6.  Apples.
7.  Gatorade.

I love pregnancy cravings though because when you do eat what you're craving it tastes sooooo good.
On the flip side, I have aversions too.  Coffee for instance.  I am normally a daily coffee drinker but I haven't touched the stuff in a few weeks now.  
I absolutely love being pregnant though and am so thankful for such a precious gift!  We got to see our little peanut yesterday on ultrasound and it just always blows me away what a miracle it is to have a life inside you.  God is so amazing!!!  He is so creative and wonderful!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blogger Blahs

Sometimes I am just not feeling it as far as the blog goes.  I think I'm just in that tired/mildly nauseated stage of pregnancy and I am just not feeling the motivation to post.  My mission is to finish with the Disney pics, but it may be a while.  Right now, I am consumed with finding a renter for our house, finding a rental house for us and researching cars for a family of 5!  Other than that, just trying to enjoy the crisp days we're having here and there!  Hope you're all well and I promise I'll be back someday!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Yep!  We are expecting Warren Baby #3 on June 1, 2011.  (It was pretty fun to shop for maternity wear in NYC)  We are so excited and overwhelmed with God's blessings in our lives.  I will be delivering at UAB this time, so if anybody has any advice or good experiences from UAB, let me know!

NYC take 2

Here's a few more from the Met.

We spent the afternoon in Central Park after enjoying the Met.

Riley lovin on "Kate".

We saw a crowd gathering outside of the theatre where Jordyn Sparks is performing on Broadway.  We stopped and were hoping to catch a glimpse, but we gave up on her after about 20 minutes.

Love pics from Times Square, especially this glimpse of sunset!

Pad Thai at "Room Service" around the corner from Riley's apt.  So yummy!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NYC girls weekend

I had the pleasure of a long weekend in NYC to visit my sister (Riley) this past week.  We had so much fun even though it was wierd not to have my mom and Elaine there like usual!

The first night we ate dinner at a yummy little restaurant called Good Enough To Eat in upper west side on 83rd and Amsterdam near her old apartment.  Then we went to Cafe Lalo which is the from You've Got Mail where she waits for Tom Hanks with a book and a rose.  Looked just lik the movie, so cute!

 The next morning kicked off with shopping at none other than Macy's.  Except the Macy's in NYC is nothing like the Macy's elsewhere, mainly because it is GINORMOUS!  I got to help Riley purchase her very first sofa for her new apartment on upper east side that she'll be moving into at the end of the month.
Lots more shopping happened the rest of the day along with some pizza, a few hotdogs etc... however, i was not camera happy on this trip, so I took far fewer pics than normal.

Dinner that night was at Gradisca which Elaine had recommended.  It was so yummy! 
 Especially  the homemade Gnocchi that the restaurant owner's "mama" made that morning.

 Then we followed that with Pork Loin topped with Goat cheese and fried peaches.  Also pretty tasty =)  But nothing could top the gnocchi.

The following morning, we bee lined downtown for our favorite shopping spot Century 21.  Seriously, can't go to NYC without hitting up these deals!  I scored a super cute pair of brown boots that I am pretty excited about, and a few other things like jeggings and black riding pants... Don't ask, I promise they are cute =)
This is the reconstruction of the world trade center area across from century 21.

Later that day, we got another hotdog and parked on the red steps in Times Square to take it all in.
Like our "mink muff" colored nails.  We got a mani after dinner the first night.

This is us on the way to pick up Kate, Riley's new purse.  Kate is super cute and really shiny!

Riley would not take her out of the bag until later on at her apt. at risk of dirtying her.

Flat iron building.

Rockefeller Plaza.

30 Rock =)

Not sure where this is...

Dinner at Holy Basil in lower east side.  Felt like a neighborhood NYU type place to eat thai.  Service not so great, but the food was pretty good and not too expensive.  Probably wouldn't eat there again. 

Documentation of my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season.

Words can't describe the deliciousness and melt in your mouth goodness of Shake Shack. 
Birmingham NEEDS Shake Shack. 
Best burger I've ever had... sorry Flip Burger.

Metropolitan Museum of Art =) 
Thanks to Riley's free pass to most museums, this was a freebie!

I've got a few more to post, but blogger is not liking me right now!