Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Disney - Hollywood Studios

This was actually our second day at Disney, but my camera broke the first day so I don't have many pics from Epcot.  Thankfully Jenn Latham was there and saved the day by loaning me their extra camera for our princess dinner, so I'll post about that day later.

This is as we're walking into Hollywood Studios in the morning.

The first thing we did was get fast passes for Toy Story and then we went to the Playhouse Disney show which was a big hit with my little Mickey lover! 

Then we met up with the Lathams and went to the Little Mermaid Show which was pretty good except for some really bad wigs =)  It was fun though, no photography inside, so I have no pics.

Here's the outside of the theatre.
We had lunch at Hollywood and Vine that day with Handy Manny, Little Einsteins and JoJo.

I had to ask the server this dude's name because I had no idea who he was.  He did kiss sophie's hand though.  I actually do not even recall this happening, I guess I was focusing on my photo op.

Family pic.  One day we'll all look at a camera and smile =)
at the same time, that is.
One of my faves was the Beauty and the Beast show.  It was like a short broadway I thought.  So cute.

Here we are about to do the Toy Story ride.  Super fun!  It's like target practice from a moving vehicle toy story style.  Trey got the "high score" in our car of course!

Selah wanted to meet the "Credibles" and of course we got their autographs!  She might have had a heart attack if Dash had been there.  She loves the "boy" in the movie.

This was after our second time watching the Playhouse Disney show.  It seriously is so cute!

Don't judge.  We let Sophie ride Tower of Terror.  She actually wanted to.  We told her it was scary but that none of it was real and she wouldn't get hurt about 100 times.  She's in the back left corner between Trey and me.  Trey has a striped shirt on.  I still can't believe she didn't cry.  I thought it was pretty scary.  It basically takes you up in the "elevator" and drops you about 5 times.

Back to Playhouse Disney.  Love the look on her face!  She was jumping up to dance.

I think this was our first picture with Mickey Mouse!  I guess Sophie was checking out his shoes =)

We loved Hollywood Studios.  It was really fun.  Rockin Roller Coaster is the best ride in all of Disney World in my opinion.  I wish I could share all my pictures, but there are WAY too many! 
More to come, so stay tuned!

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I'm loving all the Disney pics! I am also loving coming to your blog to hear your song :)