Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This week at CVS

Dove skin vitalizer(Regular $12.49) on sale $9.99 (get $3 ecb back)
Neo to go spray $5.99 (J&J - spend $10 get $5 ECB back)
JJ first aid kit $7.99 (towards J&J $5 ECB)
sunlight dish soap $0.35 - got 3 of them (in clearance buggy at front of store) value $6 total?
Flu relief daytime $1.12 (clearance) value $5.99
Cold and cough $1.15 (clearance) value $5.99
Neutrogena visibly even moisturizer $3.50 (clearance) value $24.00


coupons used:
$.50 off neosporin
$1 off J&J first aid product
$3.50 off skin vitalizer
$8 in ECB

What I got back - $8 in ECB

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My first two weeks getting CVS deals...

OK,my first trip I don't have a picture of but here's what I got...

2 pks Orbitz gum $3
3pks mechanical pencils $1
Colgate toothpaste $2.99
Peanut butter M&Ms $3.49
Reese's PB cups $3.49
Subtotal $14
1 CVS coupon -$3.00
Total spent $11
Total saved $12.56 - almost everything was on sale already
What I got back - $7 in ECB
$5 ECB if you spent $10 on candy and $2 ECB from the toothbrush

Trip #2 items- reg price of items
Advil Childrens $6.49
Advil Infants $6.49
Scott TP $11.99
Subtotal $ 24.97
Scott coupon - 1.00
ECB - 2.00
ECB -5.00
TP on sale -5.50 (price marked wrong but they gave it to me anyway)
sale on advil -.70
sale on advil -.70
Total spent $11.07 with tax
What I got back $ 11.58 in ECB so essentially the trip paid for itself in ECB!

Trip #3
Huggies supreme jumbo ct 11.49 (working towards $5 ECB after $25 spent on baby stuff)
JJ head to toe body wash 4.29 (towards $5 ECB)
Desitin Ointment 4.99
Dry idea deodorant 3.29
Dry idea deodorant 3.29
Total of reg price items $27.35 before tax
Coupons used
deodorant was bogo - 3.29
dry idea coupon -0.75
dry idea coupon -o.75
huggies coupon -1.00
desitin coupon -1.00 this one was an instant coupon attached to JJ head to toe
CVS coupon -2.00 $2 off $10 purchase
ECB -11.58
Total spent on items $1.99!!!!!!!!!

Total saved $26.17

Trip #4

2 oxyclean face wash 5.99 each (buy 2 get $3 ECB back)

Total spent11.98

oxy coupon -1.00

oxy coupon - 1.00

Total after coupons $9.98 and I got $3 ECB back

Trip #5 items
Huggies supreme 11.49
Desitin Ointment 4.99
CVS toothbrush 1.99
Subtotal 18.47
huggies coupon - 1.00
desitin coupon -1.00
free cvs tbrush -1.99
cvs coupon -2.00
ECB -3.00
diapers on sale -2.50
desitin on sale -2.00
Grand total spent $5.79
Total saved $13.49

Trip #6 - this trip I got a bunch of stuff off their clearance table that was priced at least 75%off
2 pacifiers $0.54
2 CVS cold/cough $1.15 each
CVS flu relief $1.15
shower gel $1.24
vicks cough supp. rub $1.25
Vicks vaporub $1.40
Vicks multi symptom liq $1.50
Vicks expectorant liquid $1.50
coupons used -$2.00 ($2 off $10 purchase)
Grand total with tax $9.87!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actual value of items $45.02!!!

I know all this medicine will get used up this winter on little colds and coughs
Got back $3 in ECB not sure for what, but who cares

After all these trips, I still have $8 in ECB to spend! Yippee I love CVS. Trey thinks I am crazy for going to the drug store this many times in about 1 1/2 weeks, but it takes a little while to get the hang of all this.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby Countdown!

I am in total countdown mode with this pregnancy now. I am 34 weeks and 1 day! Yippee! We are getting so excited to meet our new little bundle. And no, we still don't know what the sex of the baby is. I think it is funny the looks you get when you tell people you don't know if you are having a boy or girl. Most people give you this crazy look and say something like, " What, can you not find out yet?" With a quick glance down to my ever growing belly, I laugh and say, "Oh, we just decided to let it be a surprise." I do have to say that lately, I have been getting more positive reactions from older women who never knew what they were having. It's nice to hear a few people tell you how much fun it will be in that moment of surprise and joy. I can't say that I haven't had my moments of weakness. I definitely begged trey around 30 weeks to come with me to an ultrasound so we could find out. Of course he said, "No way, we've waited this long, we are not finding out now." I am so glad he didn't let me do it. I will say, they only negative thing has been not being able to do the nursery ahead of time. I am such a planner and love decorating anyway. I also didn't want to do a totally gender neutral nursery, so that has been frustrating at times, but I still think it'll be worth it.
It's wierd, this pregnancy has been similar to my pregnancy with Sophie, yet so different. Because of my job, I have a totally different mindset about childbirth, a different doctor, a different hospital, and it's a surprise. With Sophie, I was pretty much planning my induction at the moment of conception. I ended up being induced at 38.5 weeks and had all internal monitoring, epidural, episiotomy. . . and I still felt like it was a great delivery. For some reason I have had a huge desire to have an unmedicated delivery this time. I also don't want to be induced, but that is easy to say at 34 weeks. We'll see how I feel at 39 weeks when that induction is sounding so good! After having such a big baby the first time (9 lbs) I have no desire to find out just how big of a baby I can deliver if you know what I mean. Especially since I want to try to do it without drugs! (BTW, I am totally not knocking all the medical interventions we have available. So it you are pregnant and going to have an induction etc... I say go for it. You should do what you feel led to do with your baby and your body.) I really hope that this delivery goes how I want it to, but ultimately I have really had to let go and realize that no matter what, I am not in control and God is!
I am sure I'll be blogging about the delivery afterwards, so stay tuned. I have been addicted to reading people's birth stores lately, so it'll be fun to write my own.