Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birthday Blessings

I had a great 29th birthday that started out with a surprise breakfast hand delivered to my front door from this sweet sis!  I wish I had taken a picture of my homemade gourmet french toast with fresh strawberries!
Next, it was off to the salon with my big girl Sophie.  We got our hair cut and beautified by Micah at Bang!
Then it was off to Flip Burger for a delicious lunch with my mom and Elaine.  Again, wish we'd taken a picture at lunch.
Then we had an action packed dinner with friends at Chuy's!

Me and my hot hubby.
Luke and Ali.

The newly weds, Trent and Alisa!

Robbie and Jenn had an eventful evening and probably won't forget my birthday for a while=)
Sorry Robbie, you and Jenn couldn't coordinate posing in the pictures, so I had to make the obvious choice and put the better one of her on the blog!  =)

The whole gang=)

If you want to know why there was a fire truck, a security guard and the police department involved, you'll have to visit Jenn's blog!

Beautiful flowers from my sweet mom!

More gorgeous flowers from my awesome hubby!

Some cute new clothes!

My sweet mom bought me a little cake and we were going to eat a piece with the girls after dinner at Chuy's, but there was an incident when the cake was being moved into the house.  It was much prettier beforehand, but I assure you it still tasted phenomenal!  Wow, that was a great cake from Whole Foods!

Then to top it off, sweet Mimi and PopPop who've been looking for some kids sized chairs for me showed up at my house this morning with two of these precious chairs!

What a great birthday!  I am so blessed with sweet friends and family!

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The Hairstons said...

I'm so glad you had such a great birthday!! LOVE Chuy's! How scary about your friend, Jenn! I think I might would have had a panic attack! ha! When I was little, I had a fear of elevators. If I knew that we would have to go in an elevator somewhere, I would just stay in the car! Really!