Thursday, July 29, 2010

Disney Planning

We've been planning our FIRST TRIP EVER TO DISNEY WORLD for almost a year now.  We're taking the girls for their birthdays in lieu of presents and parties.  To say we're excited is a ginormous understatement.  Not only have our kids never been there, but Trey and I have never been either.  I've gotten lots of tips from friends who have been, but now that it's getting close, I am posting our itinerary so YOU can help me fine tune it.  It's been fun and stressful planning this big of a trip, but I think it'll be totally worth it.  Please don't hesitate to critique or give any pointers or advice on what we should/should not do.

What you need to know before reading our itinerary:
1.  I've made more dining reservations than we will actually use, so I need help figuring out which ones to cancel. 
2.  We have disney's deluxe free dining plan, so we have 8 sit down meals, 8 quick service meals and 8 snacks each to use during out trip.
3.  I'd love some advice on what quick service meals are good at the different parks.
4.  I'd love advice on what are the best rides for kids ages 2-5.
5.  We don't have park hoppers or water park passes as of now.
6.  We are staying on Disney property.

Day 1 (Travel Day)
7am - wake girls up and tell them we're going to DISNEYWORLD - they have no idea!  i can't wait to see their reactions!!!
8am - Drive to Orlando (10 hours with stops, fingers crossed...)
6pm – arrive at Disney Resort
7pm – Downtown Disney for dinner unless we're too tired

Day 2 Epcot
**Don't know exactly what we're going to do with little ones at Epcot, so any tips will be appreciated
Reservations @ 6:25 Princess Dinner at Akershus (This will be Selah's birthday celebration)
9pm Illuminations fireworks show

Day 3 Hollywood Studios
(live Little mermaid show, playhouse Disney live, toy story parade, )
Pizza Planet or Hollywood and Vine (playhouse disney characters) for lunch
Dinner @ Hollywood and Vine or–quick service dinner
Fantasmic fireworks show 8 pm

Day 4 Magic Kingdom open 9a-9p
Reservations 8:30 Chef Mickey’s for Breakfast at Contemporary
Home for naps
Quick service dinner and stay in park late

Day 5 Magic Kingdom open 9am-7p
8:00 am Supercalifragilistic Breakfast (may not do this breakfast)
7:05 @ Ohana for dinner with group

Day 6 Animal Kingdom
(9–5 extra magic hours from 5-8 pm)
get there early and get fastpass for kilamanjaro safari first thing
Breakfast 8:35 am Donald’s Safari Breakfast
Lunch options : Yak and Yeti (Chinese food),  Flame tree Barbeque, 12:00 pm Rainforest Café
Naps and back to park by 5pm - enjoy park before dinner
Dinner 7:35 Boma (African food) with group
***definitely will not use all these meal reservations, so I need to decide which ones we're doing and cancel the other ones - we definitely want to do Boma for dinner

Day 7 Magic Kingdom
Cindarella's Royal Table breakfast for Sophie’s birthday
park, qs lunch
naps if needed then back to park
Might do dinner at 1900 Park Fare (Cinderella and Prince Charming) have reservations at 4:55 and 5:55
8pm spectromagic parade (won’t need to see again if saw earlier in week)
9pm Disney Wishes Fireworks Show

Day 8 – Magic Kingdom
stay late in park for fireworks show
Lunch at Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom
5:00 pm Whispering Canyon Café #40089384352
6:05 Happily Ever After Dinner at Grand Floridian #400893847192

Day 9 -
We have one more day of park passes, so we may do one more park for half a day and then drive home after lunch - we even thought about going to Sea World, but I think that might push us leaving too late...
??Supercalifragilistic breakfast with Mary Poppins (I thought if we had any meals left, this might be fun to do before we leave)

drive home =(  Happy but exhausted I am sure!


The Hoppers said...

We went to the Magic Kingdom one day over our spring break, just to see how the boys would do (Lawson hated standing in line), but overall they enjoyed it. What makes Disney so great are the fact that you can ride the majority of the rides regardless of age. That being said, Lawson love "Small World After All" and "Dumbo". He cried when we got off "Dumbo". Where have you gotten all your travel tips? We want to plan a trip in the next couple of years. Since Lawson didn't do well standing in line, we are going to wait till Judah is older than 2.:) Have fun and I can't wait to see pictures!

The Hairstons said...

This is almost exactly like my itinerary that I had. It is best to have a plan. We didn't always stick exactly to every detail but it makes it so much easier if you have some sort of direction. I will email you some of the rides I read and have heard that are best for the younger ones. Also, which rides you should get fast passes for first. SO EXCITING!!!