Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sophie, Selah and Susan

Selah is really into dolls right now (that is a huge understatement actually.)  She always has a doll with her which is exactly like Sophie at this age.  Love that!  Meet one of our many "doll friends."

See Sophie, Selah and Susan.

See Susan pose for a picture.

Selah loves Susan.

Susan can swim float.

Susan floats away from Sophie and Selah.

Sophie and Selah are mildly concerned.

Sophie thinks hard about saving Susan, but decides not to.

Poor Susan. =(
Susan survived though.

This is how Sophie poses for a picture.

This is how Selah poses for a picture.

Sophie thinking about which jump she's going to do off the board. 

Early stages of a great can opener. =)

In case you hadn't noticed, all we've done lately is swim, so stay tuned for more swimming pictures... lots more.


Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

love the story. and, just so you know, selah looks like a kid, not a baby, in these pictures. she's growing up up up!!!

The Hairstons said...

They are both so beautiful!!