Thursday, October 8, 2009

gDiaper Success=)

We got our gdiapers yesterday and Selah was so excited to test them out, she decided to IMMEDIATELY poop in the first one.  Hmmm... I had hoped to do a wet one first, but we dove in head first with the poopy.  Actually it wasn't too bad.  I do see the need for a "system" though.  I wasn't sure where to put my dirty wipes (thankfully I had an empty box i was about to throw away sitting nearby so I used that).  Then, it was kinda hard to get the poop off the insert simply by dunking it in the toilet, I think I need to get the sprayer thing?  I threw it immediately in the washer because I don't have a designated trash can for diapers yet, but I will need to get one soon I am sure.  One with a lid I might add.  The best part so far though is that she slept in oneall night and it didn't leak at all!  I was very happy about that. 
I am about to order the gDiaper cloth inserts (I got the bum genius inserts from because they were cheaper but they don't fit perfectly in the gdiaper cover, not that  i can complain because no leaks so far!)  However, Courtney says the gdiaper inserts fit/work better, so I am going to get some of those.  I also think I am still going to use regular diapers when I am out running errands, at least until I get comfortable at home with them, and then we'll see...  All in all, So far so good=)


Fuller Family said...

She looks so cute in them!! I am glad they work, yes, a system is the key to success. What size did you get?? I would also go to cottonbabies. com and order the birdseye flats. They are 1 dollar a piece and you fold them to fit and they really do work extremely well, and cheap (so if you have a huge mess..just dispose!) I had another friend tell me Fuzzi Bunz were great, so I got 3, big mistake... leaks everywhere!!! Nothing compared to gDiapers - IMO ;)

Laurie Ann said...

Hey there...I'm a friend of Elaine's and Jamie Holley so I stumbled across your blog...I also think I've seen you at church of the Highlands, ok anyways now that I'm an open stalker and all. We use cloth diapers, my daughter is 15 months, and we've been so pleased with them, and how much we save! I use the bumgenuis 3.0s and they are awesome! Plus they fit from like 7-30 lbs...Feel free to email me if you have any questions about washing, etc.!