Friday, October 9, 2009

Citizen's Arrest -Crazy Drama!

Something crazy happened today that I thought might be blog worthy!

Trey and I took the girls to Whole Foods to get a pumpkin and as we were leaving and getting onto 280 the light turned green but the cars in front of us never moved (we were way back in line). 
Then the guy in front of us starts backing up and trying to go around the car in front of him which was not moving.  We followed his lead, but just as we were passing the stopped car, I looked over to see a girl in the driver's seat slumped over like she was unconscious!  I screamed and Trey stopped the car.  I immediately jumped out and ran over to her window. 

"The guy" in front of us had stopped too.  He was already standing by her car staring at her limp body through the window.  I looked at him and asked, "Is it locked?" He shrugged, so I pulled on the door handle and it opened.  I guess she was passed out against the door because as I opened it she woke up, lifted her head and looked at me in a very confused way.  A cloud of funny smelling smoke also hit me in the face right about this time.  Not to jump to conclusions, but my first thought was, "this chick is either drunk or high".  It did not appear she was having some kind of medically related episode.  She looked ROUGH and when I say rough I mean rough.  After one look at her, I turned my head to "the guy" and told him to call the cops, which he promptly did. 
I asked her if she was okay and she mumbled something about being tired and having company over this weekend.  I guess it's possible she "fell asleep" but it looked more like "passed out" to me, just sayin... At this time I noticed that not only was she mumbling and disoriented, but she was shaking pretty bad in her hands and legs.  I asked her if she had any medical conditions and she told me she had anxiety.  I told her she should get out of the car and she kept saying her boyfriend lived closeby and she'd just drive over to his house.  To which I responded, "Um sweety, you were just passed out in your car, I don't think you should be driving."  She started to become agitated and nervous and I could tell she wanted to get out of there.  She kept saying she was fine and started fumbling around in her car for something.  But I was not about to walk off and tell her to have a nice day.  It really seemed like she was on something and I was afraid she was going to hurt someone or herself.  I asked her if she could call someone to pick her up and she told me her boyfriend was on his way to pick her up.  (Sorry sista, I've been standing here the whole time, you haven't made any phone calls to your boyfriend).  She said, "Well I'll just move my car over there."  I told her that was a bad idea and asked her if I could move her car for her.  She looked at "the guy" and said to me, "Who is he talking to?"  I said he'd called 911 to get a paremedic which was partially true.  At this point I was just stalling because I wanted the police to get there and figure out what was going on.  She started to get panicky and you could tell she wanted to get the heck out of there.  Thankfully we had a nice traffic jam keeping her blocked in.  As the light turned green again, cars started moving and she closed her door and started backing up the turn lane.  When she couldn't go any further, she put it in park, put the hazards on, grabbed some stuff out of the car and walked very briskly towards the front of Whole Foods.  Thankfully the police came swooping in at that exact moment with full lights and sirens.  They were just in time to get a peek of her going around the corner in front of Whole Foods. 
"The guy" had been slowly backing away from the car and had been on the phone the whole time with 911(had gotten her tag number in case she bolted) and had been telling the police what was going on.  Once I saw the police round the corner to Whole Foods I looked at him and told him I was leaving.  He waved thanks and stayed on the phone. 
In the end, I didn't get to have to make my citizens arrest after all.  But I am glad the police arrived quickly and hopefully caught her before she did any damage.  I so wanted to drive back around though to make sure!  But I knew Trey wouldn't go for that.  The rest of the car ride, we got to answer a LOT of questions from Sophie who I am sure was wondering what in the world mommy was doing!  I think we ended up explaining something about bad medicine and adults making bad decisions...

***In case you were wondering, Yes! my husband was sitting in the car watching all of this unfold. He later told me that he had been trying to move the car out of the way of traffic and by the time he had moved it, he looked up and she was awake and talking, so he decided she was fine and to stay put in the car with the kiddos. I guess the "super nurse"(LOL) in me had beaten him to the scene, but the "discerning doctor" in him told him she did not need medical attention. ***


Liz Rich said...

I guess that confirms that Widespread Panic is in town this weekend!

The Hoppers said...

Way to go!!!!! I would have followed the police to see what happened. Because I am from the country and we do things like that.:)

Corey said...

Wow, I'm sure a lot of people were glad that you stopped her from going anywhere. That could have ended badly!