Monday, October 26, 2009

Christmas List!

Here are a few of my "wants" this year.  Some realistic, some unrealistic.  But hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

I love this little pie cabinet from pottery barn. It's all we need to complete our "play kitchen" upstairs for the girls!

Maybe not this Christmas, but one day my dream is to look out my window and see this!  Maybe a few cows too!  one day... 

I want a steam mop!  Not sure which one I want, but I've heard they are amazing!!!
I love gDiapers, and these are too cute for words!
  These are absolutely precious and a must have for a cloth diapered little girl!

This is where I hope to spend relaxing weekends one day.  Don't worry, all of you will be welcome anytime!
Again, probably not this Christmas, and probably not this BIG but I'm not picky when it comes to lake houses!  Maybe we could put the horses behind this monstrosity =)


Rachael said...

My mom has the shark steam mop and LOVES it...I really want one too! I am with you on living in the country! I love the city, but I also love the thought of living on a lot of land and farming. I am not sure that we'd ever really do that though. :) :) :)

Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

you should see all the land/horse farms down here...i'm just sayin'

love the pb cabinet

The Latham Family said...

I want a steam mop, too!! Thanks for thinking of yet one more thing to add my list! :) All of your pictures make me want to run away! So much fun!