Sunday, September 26, 2010

Parade and Fireworks!

 Here are the girls waiting for the parade on Main Street.  We got there about 1 hour before it started to get a good spot.  Totally worth it in order to see it really well!

 If you ever go to Disney World, hit up the Dollar Tree beforehand to snag some cheap glow in the dark stuff.  All the kids have it and you'll avoid paying a lot of money for the stuff they sell in the park.

Davis was brave enough to hang with the girls some!

 I think they're comparing autograph books right here.  So funny!

And the little ones are comparing their glow gear.

Alice in Wonderland float in the parade. 
 The characters actually talk to you when they are going by which is pretty cool I thought.
And, they are ALWAYS in character!

Cinderella blowing us a kiss!

Sometimes the characters walking in the parades will come over and say hi to kids.  This elf is a little on the scary side, but I don't think he bothered the kids =)

Love how they change the color of the castle at night!

Fireworks.  I didn't get a shot of Tinkerbell, but that was so neat!  The girls loved it.  Selah cried for Tinker Bell the whole way home that night.  She kept saying/screaming, "Go back Disney World.  Tinker Beeeeeelllll!"

The Grand Finale!

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The Hairstons said...

The 2nd firework shot you got looks like a postcard! Beautiful! I also love the pic of Selah in her little Minnie Mouse dress...those sweet little legs!!!