Friday, September 24, 2010

The Magic Kingdom!

Our third park day, we visited the Magic Kingdom.  But first, we had breakfast at Chef Mickey's which was really good and has lots of characters.

Here is Sophie with Goofy.
 Selah was all about Minnie Mouse, of course.
 Before we sat down, we took pictures with "Chef Mickey."  Then they tried to sell us the pictures for $30.  The good thing about Disney though, is that they are happy to take pictures of you with your own camera as well as theirs, so it's easy not to buy their pictures when you have your own copy.
 Since we were celebrating Birthdays all week, the girls both got a chocolate cupcake after breakfast complete with lighted candles.  I guess in Disney it's okay to eat cupcakes after breakfast?

 Selah could not believe her luck!

To be perfectly honest, their reaction when we walked into the Magic Kingdom wasn't quite what I'd hoped.  Everybody told me that they would have this great reaction when they saw the castle but it just didn't happen.  Selah was in full blown temper tantrum when we entered the park and I was trying so hard to "capture" the moment, that it probably put too much pressure on the situation.   Needless to say, we still had a fabulous day, and actually when we left the park that day and came back for the fireworks that night, Sophie was much more excited about seeing the castle for the second time, which I have some cute pics of later on.

This is them seeing the castle for the first time.  Yes, really.

 Our first picture of the girls in front of the castle.  Sophie hates taking pictures in direct sunlight, hence the shades. 

 The carousel was fun and the wait was short, so we rode it several times that day.

Waiting in line for Winne the Pooh.

Sophie on the carousel.  Sweet Girl!

Selah giving Trey some hugs!

This was actually the first thing we did in the park.  Who doesn't love the tea cups?! 

We snuck Selah onto the Barnstormer even though she was about 1/2 inch too short.  She LOVED it!
I have a video of it I'll have to post.  Hysterical =)

When we returned to the park later that day, Sophie wore her Tinker Bell outfit which I loved! 

This is her seeing the castle for the second time.  Go figure?

 I absolutely love this picture for some reason.  Sometimes random snapshots are like that i guess =)

Waiting for the parade and fireworks on Main Street.  We ate at Casey's Corner which was pretty tasty if you like corn dog bites.

More to come of the parade and fireworks.  Hands down my favorite Disney moment was the parade and fireworks!  Loved it.  I could watch it every night I'm there and not get tired of it!


Ole Miss Mom said...

Looks like y'all had a blast! Love all the pics!!! I wanna hear more about it in person soon! ;-)

Sophia said...

I noticed your daughter's name is Selah, and I LOVE that do you pronounce it? Thanks!

Abby said...

We pronounce it "Say-la" Thanks!