Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Great Last Minute Deal on Christmas Cards!!

I've been back and forth on whether or not to do Christmas Cards this year.  Mainly because we just don't have a great family picture to use.  I know, I know.  I've taken no less than 10,000 pictures of my kids this year, but somehow Trey and I managed to be in about 5 total.  In those 5 pictures, someone's either picking their nose, screaming, fake smiling or looking lazy eyed.  I'll have to post a few of my recent attempts to at least get a picture of the girls together.  Pretty funny.  Too bad you can't see the steam coming out of my ears as I was trying to take these pictures.  Trying to get a "wild woman" 15 month old and a "fake smiler" 4 year old to sit still and smile beautifully is pretty much impossible especially when you are alone!
So, rather than buy the cards where you just stick a picture on with tape and voila, I had to use to create a card with multiple pictures, since I only had good individual shots. 

So Here's the DEAL!

Holiday cards are 20% off anyway right now, so I chose to buy 50 of the 5x7 photocards.
First - HOLIDAY30 to get free shipping on an order of $30 +.
Then - I used a coupon code from a home mailer, but I just found one even better - "fifteenoff" to give you $15 off your total order.
Last - BORDERSOFFERPP will give you 25 free 4x6 prints with your order!

Not too shabby.
I got 50 Christmas cards with 4 photos on the card and 25 prints for a grand total of $23.

Here's a few bloopers from my latest picture of the girls together.
This is the classic "lazy eye, fake smile" that Sophie does when she's trying real hard, topped off with a little "blank stare" from Selah.

While this one is cute of Sophie, Selah seems to be eating my lens cap and refuses to sit down.

This was actually cute.  I told them to look for Santa. 
I think Selah is just going "hot, hot, hot!" looking at the fireplace.

This picture all around just did not work. 
I guess Selah was letting Sophie know to back away from the rocking horse!

After much frustration, Selah all out tackled Sophie who was lying limp with picture exhaustion on the hearth.
If you know my kids, then you know the little one is the fiesty one.

This too was sweet!  Selah taking a time out to give mommy a "kiss."
Watch out though!
Sometimes she'll throw in a little drool or surprise you with an open mouth kiss at the last second!

These are actually much funnier now when I am not behind the camera foaming at the mouth, bribing them with treats and then begging them to sit down and smile.  Gosh, with that scenario, I am shocked we didn't get a keeper.  Note to self:  next time, fewer props, more candy and lots of helpers!  Better yet, just let someone else take the pictures!


The Hairstons said...

Cute pictures!! It is SUPER hard to get a good pictures of kids when everyone is looking at the camera at the same time! Photographers must have a great deal of patience. Unfortunately, that is not one of the gifts that God gave me!! :) was having a deal recently (it may still be going on) where you can get 50 photo cards for just pay shipping which was like $3.18 or something like that. I made ours this year but only ordered 50. Those got sent out pretty quickly and I ordered the SeeHere ones for all the extras that we sent out. They are great quality too.

Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

these made me laugh. out loud. and miss your kids.

look for our cards in january.