Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving cookies and Fall beauty

I haven't posted in a while and don't know where to start, so I'll just start with some cute pictures!
Here's one I snapped of Sophie and Selah holding hands in the car while Selah is waving out the window.
(Don't worry, I pulled over in my mom's neighborhood to take it)

We tried to get some sweet pictures of Selah wearing her little coat and hat.  She actually didn't mind it which was surprising because Sophie had a fit every time we tried to put this on her as a baby!

Turkey dresses from Nana=)

We made cookies at YaYa's for Thanksgiving and Selah helped by doing a little taste testing!

She also did a little coloring=)

Sophie and Luke were a little more helpful in the cookie making.

We got the idea from my sweet friend Leisha's blog. 
Not sure if ours were as cute as hers but they sure did taste great!

Sophie enjoyed some clementines as well , if you can't tell, that's what is stuffed in her mouth.

Then she opted to turn back to cookies and icing.

After cookies, we went to take some pictures for Aunt RiRi's new website. 
Sophie wanted to join us and actually begged to get in the pictures which was a first for sure!

Mommy even got to get in a few pics.  Too bad Daddy and Selah weren't there, 
These could've been Christmas card worthy. 

Love it when you can catch a real laugh or smile from kids. 
This little girl lights up my world with her grin!

Goodbye Fall, Hello Christmas!