Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shop by Color

I am very drawn to color everywhere I go. When I shop, I definitely shop by color! I've had a green kick, an orange kick, and now I am on a yellow kick. These are a few of my favorite yellow finds this summer. It's not much of a Fall color, so I may have to move onto something more seasonally appropriate, but with the weather we're having, I think I can hang onto my yellow a little while longer=)
(I know I need a pedicure!)

The best thing about these two articles of clothing is that they were both less than$10! The bright yellow cardigan surprisingly goes with almost anything. It's not too matchy, but it just "works" with most of my clothes. It's from the Ann Taylor clearance rack. My yellow sandals were a New York find for $9.99. Gotta love that=)

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Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

not that you care...but i arrange my closet by colors. i also shop by colors by season. weird, i know.