Wednesday, September 9, 2009

S is for Sophie - L is for Luke

First Day of School for our kiddos, so sister and I arrived a bit early to try and snap a few keepers of our 4k cutie pies! I think we got some pretty good ones=) This is becoming an annual tradition for us. Hope we keep it going. I'm sure we'll be glad we did!

God's House

Sophie giving Selah a "bye kiss." Can't wait until next year when they'll both be there!

Of course, Selah wants a name tag too, she just wants to eat it not wear it.

Such sweet buddies! I hope they stay close forever!

Funny face picture, those are much easier than begging for a "real smile."

Boys are so silly!

Deep conversation

Yea! We got a real smile out of her!

Here we go!!!!!


Peggy said...

Those pics are so sweet! Hope they had a fun day!

Elaine said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! These are great! I haven't even had a chance to LOOK at mine. This seriously brought tears to my eyes, they are both SO precious.

The Latham Family said...

Such great pictures! I love the one where Sophie has a 'real' smile! Those pictures are so few and far between at our house! What a precious girl!

The Hairstons said...

They are both SO PRECIOUS!!! Looks like they are best buds! I know they are loving preschool!

Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

sniff sniff.