Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have been so tired and worthless lately, the first trimester blahs I guess.  Not much has been going on with us and I just got my camera back from getting fixed so I don't have many pics to post either.  The one thing on my mind the most is food!
I have been having major cravings with this pregnancy.  It started out salty but we've already moved to sweet. Here's my craving list so far.  It changes daily, but once I want something, I feel like I HAVE TO HAVE IT!  And not only that, but almost nothing else sounds appealing to me except that one thing.
1. Jalapeno cream sauce from Chuy's. (highly recommend it)
2.  Strawberry and Banana smoothies.
3.  Red meat. (flank steak especially!)
4.  Hot dogs.
5.  Caesar salad with chicken. (early on, not anymore, ew yuck!)
6.  Apples.
7.  Gatorade.

I love pregnancy cravings though because when you do eat what you're craving it tastes sooooo good.
On the flip side, I have aversions too.  Coffee for instance.  I am normally a daily coffee drinker but I haven't touched the stuff in a few weeks now.  
I absolutely love being pregnant though and am so thankful for such a precious gift!  We got to see our little peanut yesterday on ultrasound and it just always blows me away what a miracle it is to have a life inside you.  God is so amazing!!!  He is so creative and wonderful!


Rachael said...

So far, I've just had a MAJOR aversion to garlic. I usually put garlic in sooo many things that I cook, but I can't handle it now. I made a casserole the other day with a small dash of garlic powder in it and I could smell it in the house the next day! YUK! I haven't really had a craving yet. Hopefully I'll crave fruits and veggies when I do want something. LOL! I am so glad you saw your little peanut yesterday!!! God is so good!

The Hairstons said... of my favorite things about into cravings with no guilt after! I'm sure you already knew this but if you eat at Chuy's and ask for chips and creamy jalapeno dip to go, they give you a full order for free. I ate there for lunch today and I'm chowing down on my chips and dip right now :)