Monday, July 20, 2009

Contemplating small group ideas...

I am not sure what to do this Fall about a small group. Here are a few ideas I have rolling around in my head. I am going to pray about it and look into meeting places and childcare ideas before I decide. I really don't know that I can handle leading a small group with how much Trey is gone now. I feel like I barely make it through the days sometimes. Hopefully I'll be more adjusted by then and when Sophie goes back to school, that should help. Y'all let me know any ideas you have too!

-Natural Childbirth and Pregnancy support group - This idea came to me one night at church when I was sitting next to a girl who was about 6 months pregnant. I just kept looking at her and thinking about how God has really given me a heart and special love for this stage in a woman's life. I also am passionate about natural childbirth and although I know it's not for everyone, I love telling people about how special my experience was and I'm always game for trying to convince people to try it. It was truly empowering and one of the most amazing things I think I've ever done.

- Mom's Notes - I led this group last year and I really felt like I did a terrible job, I was just so disorganized. So maybe this year I could try to revamp it and do a little better this time around.

-I am also interested in being in a small group that will be a good old fashioned women's bible study. I am so jealous of Trey and the education about the bible he received at Briarwood. I feel like he has an understanding of the bible and its history and how it all fits together that I just don't know if I'll ever have. It's such a blessing to him and I hope that we'll be able to put our kids in Briarwood so that they can be blessed by this type of education too.

-I had talked about doing a sampler small group for moms last year that would have a new topic each week. That way I could incorporate all the things I want to cover into one group. We could sample strategic shopping, GKGW, Mom's Notes, sewing, meal planning and lots of other stuff too!


Rachael said...

They ALL sound sooo great! You know I am partial to the natural childbirth group though. :) I keep telling Edward that maybe, just maybe, I will become a doula or something one day. :)

Ole Miss Mom said...

Those are great ideas! And I thought you did great last semester! It's just the material that's all over the place...not you! :-)

annieck said...

A couple of years ago, I had the strong urge to lead a natural childbirth small group. I was positive I was going to do it, and it just never worked out. :( I think our church has a great need for that.
Of course, your other groups sound great too. Whatever you do will be great.:)