Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dr Warren, calling Dr Warren...

Sorry to leave you all 2 of you hanging=)
and NO I'm not pregnant!!!!
Even though my hubby would not want me to do so being the humble and easily embarrassed person he is, (he doesn't like when I mention the "d" word - doctor) I cannot embark on my Italy posts until I give him a little shout out for becoming a doctor on May 17, 2009.
Congrats Trey, I love you so much and am so very proud to be your wife! (I didn't have a working computer at the time, so that's why this is soooo belated)
Trey told somebody he was going to be an anesthesiologist in elementary school or something crazy like that. (His parents actually remember him saying it.) At the time he didn't even know what an anesthesiologist was, (I still can't even say it hardly)but I believe that is when God put it in his heart to help people by becoming a doctor. Since then he has been working his bootay off in school. When I started dating Trey, I knew he wanted to be a doctor (score - This guy is cute and smart!) Little did I know what I was getting myself into... Medical school is a long, slow, expensive roller coaster with many highs and lows. Trey has taken it all in stride though, and I rarely if ever heard him complain about anything. (I took care of most of the complaining) Truly, we are both very thankful for the opportunity that he has been given and know that we have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to complain about! God is always with us and has carried us through every step of this journey so far. Trey will be the first to tell you that he didn't get into med school, God got him in and then God continued to guide him through the whole process. We have a Heavenly Father who has made each of us to fulfill a specific purpose. I am thankful that Trey is one step closer to fulfilling that purpose.
I can't wait to see how God will use our family and skills to further His Kingdom!

Allison and Bill with Trey and I.
Proud parents!

Trey and Matt Bailey (future surgeon, watch out people!)

Here is the (terrible quality) video of Trey getting his diploma and signing his name for the first time as an MD. Love you!


Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

yay for trey! we'll be calling him down south if any of us need tell him to go ahead and get clearance at those hospitals too! :) love you guys!

Rachael said...

How incredible! Now I know where to go and who to ask for if I ever need some anesthesia! LOL! Trey, the Montgomery's are so proud of you too! I know you guys have waited a loooonnng time for this and have both really worked hard to get to see this come to pass. All of that hard work will surely pay off now, guys! To God be the Glory! We are rejoicing with you!

TBG said...

haha i was wondering about the pregnancy thing, too!

The Hairstons said...

Congratulations to Trey! What an accomplishment! I know you are proud!

It was great to see you today! I wish I could have talked to you a little longer to catch up. We searched the mall and never found a Dippin Dot machine =(

Corey said...

Congatulations to Trey!! What an accomplishment!!

The Latham Family said...

Yippee! We will try to keep the questioning phone calls to a will be hard, though! Seriously, we are so excited for your family that Trey is such a great, (smart), and GODLY leader! Love you all!

mallory said...

Hey Abby. found your blog through Lindsay's and as I was reading your profile i found that your are interested in one day working at a birthing center (if we get one). My friend and I are attending a doula workshop this November and are hoping to start working here in birmingham with a local midwife. (although she has to market herself as a doula until legislation is past here in alabama to make midwifery and home births legal). I will keep you posted as we get closer to the workshop and our plans to empower woman here in birmingham to birth without the help of drugs.