Monday, June 22, 2009

4 kids, no problem..

I had a fun but busy night tonight. I tried a recipe (modified) I found on one of my favorite blogs and I kept my precious niece and nephew for my sis! We had lots of fun and I played with my camera while the kids played together. I still haven't even read the manual, one day I guess I will, but for now, it's taking pretty good pictures without me even knowing what I am doing=)

Here are my modified ingredients. Oven preheating at 350.
I think next time I'll slice the zucchini thinner.
Trey requested that I add a smidge more cheese.
Because you can never have too much cheese!

For the full recipe see

While I was cooking, Selah got hungry.
Luke and Sophie played/ran They played "Mommy and Daddy" in the playroom.
Luke said the blessing.

and they "ate dinner."
They wanted to eat their real dinner upstairs, but Trey thought that was a bad idea.
Good call honey=)

They closed the blinds because it was "too bright."

and then they asked me to stop taking pictures,
which I did not. So they took a nap, a fake nap.
Very convincing.
Then dinner was ready! Yummy.
The kids ate pizza though. Well, they played and ate. They must've had some inside joke because they were laughing hysterically throughout dinner. I have no idea what about.
Even Selah got a little pizza to chew on. She loved it.

After dinner, Reese woke up and the babies went into the den to play=)
Selah, pulled the "I'm bigger than you and I'm mobile" card and took Reese's, well... everything.
I kept taking pictures and let them "work it out" between themselves.
I could hear Reese saying in her Bon qui qui ( voice,
"Oh no she didn't just do that to me. Rude!"
Come on Selah, lets share. I can tell Reese is going to be a peacemaker.
She has such a sweet soft spirit.
Selah is like a little wild mustang. She is my "wild child."
I love it, we're jut going to have to be careful how we direct it=)
Then Selah pulled the toys to her side. Little sinful nature coming out already.=)
Reese can hold her own too though.
"Don't make me use this Selah!"
"Don't make me laugh. I am 9 weeks older than you kid."
Meanwhile, Trey was busy "studying."
College World Series just happened to be on...
Luke and Sophie took a break from playing upstairs for a photo op with their little sisters.
Then, Selah tried to swipe Reese's apple juice.Trey gave Reese a little help from the "bully" =)
Selah did a little one armed push up to show her dominance even in defeat!
We're gonna have to watch that girl=)

I had so much fun keeping them all that I've decided that I want twins next, twin boys to be precise. Truly the whole "Reese, Selah" incident was very under control (Elaine) They were precious together. I think twins would be great fun!

I have a hysterical video of all the kids that i'll post tomorrow!


Rachael said...

How much fun! I'm gonna have to try that dish!

The Hairstons said...

Could the kids in your family be any cuter?! They are all PRECIOUS!!

I love Darby's blog too! I have to try that recipe! =)

Tiffany said...

Hey - stumbled upon your blog from Darby's. I am a mom of four and am married to an anesthesiologist who did his residency at UAB. We are in Auburn now. Just thought I'd leave you a comment as it seems we have a bit in comon. Cute blog!