Wednesday, September 3, 2008

38 weeks and no baby...

Not that I am surprised. I never expected the baby to come on his/her own this early. I really feel like this little one is gonna ride out the whole 40 weeks and come the week of my dute date. It's funny, people keep saying, "Oh, I think the baby will come this week." I however, have no such feeling. I think that this baby is perfectly content to stay right where he/she is. The good thing is that I am feeling very patient and not anxious at all right now, but I think patience will take on a totally new meaning the day after my due date. I have seen too many 41 week c/sections to feel great about waiting that long. One thing helping with my patience is that the baby was only estimated to weigh 6 lbs 9 oz last week on an ultrasound. I had one because I am measuring small, imagine that, me with the 9 lb first baby. Who would've thought. Needless to say, it's comforting to know that this baby is probably not going to be bigger than sophie.

I am staying busy though and I actually have 4 more days to work, the last of which I will be 39 weeks and 2 days. After that I am throwing in the towel on work and focusing on Sophie's birthday. I really hope that these two will have their own birthday, but if not, then I guess a baby would be a pretty good birthday present for a three year old little girl who is obsessed with dolls and babies!

I'll keep you posted on any news. Feel free to leave me encouraging thoughts, especially if you are one of those who had to ride it out until her due date and beyond. I am excited to see what plans God has for this delivery!
Love you all,


annieck said...

You can do it, Abby! He/she will be here very soon!
Tristan was a week early, and Asher was a week late. He was just super content and didn't want to come out. Good news is...he did come out! :) You won't be pregnant forever!!!
Hang in there. I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl. I LOVE a surprise!

Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

that baby can't be really big - you aren't that big! praying rest for you...and a great birthday for sophie!

Rachael said...

I was JUST about to send you an email and decided to check your blog first...I am glad I did! I can't wait to meet sweet baby Warren very soon! I am praying for you!!!