Friday, July 6, 2012

A Birthday, A New Baby and Big News

It's been over a year since I've posted on this site, but a LOT has happened and I had a free moment, so I thought I'd share!

My Sweet Selma Grace turned ONE which totally blows me away.
  The last post I did was of newborn pictures.  
Hard to believe in just a few short months we'll be holding another sweet baby!

Here she is enjoying her day - crown, balloons, cheetos, and a hotdog.  Loved it all!
We sang happy birthday and she looks excited to get her hands on that cupcake!

Once she tasted it though, she wasn't so excited.   

She wasn't quite sure about all that sugar...
In fact, she was sure she didn't like it and promptly spit it out.

Gagged a little...

 More protesting...

 Pretty much a total rejection of her Dreamcakes cupcake.

 Onto presents 

a sweet card from Selah

Sophie and Selah helping open the presents. 

a surprise... 

 "watch me"

Everyone watching as they realize they're not only at a birthday party but a "gender reveal" party too!

We made them watch the dvd and it told them there was one more present.
Our girls didn't know about the surprise either, so Sophie was super excited to find out.

It's another sweet girl!  

Would never have guessed we'd be blessed with 4 beautiful girls=)

***a HUGE thanks to Lindsay for taking the great pics!!

Here's the video we made of the whole thing!  It was so fun! 

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LBR said...

Congrats to your sweet family! FOUR GIRLS! Must be one special husband to be entrusted with four little girls' hearts!