Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Christmas...

This is the first of FIVE Christmas Celebrations we enjoyed this year.  It is so wonderful to have so much family in town.  It makes for a very Merry Christmas. 
This is our cousin Rachel with the adoring Sophie.  Sophie thinks Rachel hung the moon! 

Grandmama Helen
Can't tell here... looks like Trey passed out on Selah=)  Love those sweet innocent eyes.  Don't let her fool you though.  She's anything but innocent!  She's a wild woman.

Sophie enjoyed this Christmas more than any other I think.  Four is a very fun age!  She's wearing a dress my mom made for me when I was little.

The beginning of what would turn into about a thousand presents over the next week.

Sophie got a little fur cape, too cute!

Sophie and "Big Pop"

Selah with Nana.

This was too cute.  It's a book that turns into a car.  Selah hopped in the car quickly enough and she didn't want to get out!

One down, four to go...

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