Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Selah's Joovy new toy!

So...I had a mini breakdown this week... Partially because I am still adjusting to Trey being gone A LOT! Partially because my house was (once again) destroyed, and partially because I have a precious little 11 month old girl who is addicted to me. She crawls around after me and screams if she doesn't get what she wants (attention mostly). So, after a good cry, a visit to mom's house and a chat with my aunt (mother of 5). I bee-lined home (minus kids - aren't YaYa's the best)and had a play yard overnighted to my house. Then I cleaned my whole house from top to bottom and went to Smith's where I not only ordered Sophie's birthday invitations (finally) but I also ordered thank you notes for both girls and got Sophie a "tote bag" for school (apparently backpacks are not allowed this year?). They were all a super deal, especially the tote bag 3.99 +extra for a precious pink and brown polka dot monogram!

Thanks to my mom, a very bad day was quickly turned around into a great day! Have I mentioned how thankful I am to live near family! I don't know what I would do without them all!

So here are a few pictures of the girls in the new "play yard." Sophie wanted to get in too, which I had anticipated and that's partly why I ordered the most ginormous one made I think. Unfortunatly, it is not so great for the decor of my house, but it is oh so good for my sanity!
(BTW - If you're in the market, I am very happy with the play yard, especially the oh so soft fitted sheet that comes with it. It was super easy to put up too!)


Elaine said...

I can not stop laughing for some reason! That thing looks AWESOME. There is no way that Selahboo can flip that thing over. They are precious, so glad that it is working for you. Love you!

Ole Miss Mom said...

very cool...glad you're sanity is back! :-) if you see mine, send it my way!

The Hoppers said...

I am going to have to try mine when Judah gets older. I have also heard that if you get the plastic balls that are in ball pits, the kiddos love them. That would be a mess to clean up, but might keep them occupied for awhile. At least the play yard will keep them contained.:)

taylor said...

Fun to find your blog! Your girls are so cute! Miss seeing ya'll around Highlands- we moved to Atlanta and love it but miss our Bham friends. :)