Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Celebration! Fun with baby ducks!

We had a great Easter this year filled with lots of memories. The most meaningful thing to me was that Sophie for the first time could talk about (in simple terms) what Jesus did for us.

She learned how he died on the cross "Mommy, did you know that they put those things in His hands and they put Him on the cross?"

She learned how he rose from the dead "And then they rolled the stone away and there was an angel!"

She started to learn what it means to have Jesus come live in your heart "Mommy how does he get in there? Do they cut off your head? Does Jesus eat when he's in there? Does he live in your legs too?"

I loved hearing her little heart start to understand the beginnings of what I know will be a strong relationship with Him one day.

We also had fun at Mimi's as usual with all the cousins and the ducks! I do hope the ducks were not traumatized, but all in all, it was a great day! Here are some pictures in no particular order!

Sophie being the clean child she is was very content to watch and not touch.

Luke was all about the ducks, what a cute smile. Love my Lukey Boy!

I think Lillian loved them best of all. She almost got in the bucket with the ducks! She is fearless!

Towards the end of playtime, the ducks huddled. I think they were thinking "Stick together, safety in numbers!"

Selah in her bunny ears (at the end of the day)
She looked at us like, "Really, can we be done with pictures already?"

Sweet sisters!

Almost all the great grandkids! Wow there are a lot of them (ages range 6 years to 5 months)

Attempt at a family pic at the end of the day=)

Olivia and Sophie - both firstborn, both girls, both sweet big sisters, so much alike!


Riley said...

"Do they cut off your head?"
Hahaha, Sophie is HILARIOUS! I love her!

Rachael said...

How much fun!

The Hairstons said...

I love the pictures!!! Sophie and Selah are so precious!