Monday, March 16, 2009


I have not blogged in a really really really long time. I have lots of excuses though. If you'll notice my last post was December 2 and I went back to work December 8. I loved being at home full time with my babies, but after I enjoyed my 12 weeks, I figured someone has to pay the bills so off to work i went. I can't complain too much because I only work 2 nights a weekend so I can stay at home with the girls during week days.
However I do hate it when people say,"Oh you only work 2 days a week, that is so easy." OH contraire, those 2 wear me slap out. I am hoping to drop down to one day a week soon, now that won't be bad =).
Anyway, other things I have been doing include, lots of couponing and bargain shopping, getting our house ready to sell, looking for a new house, and trying not to stress about having to move. I am loving having a baby around again too. I am just a baby person and if it weren't for how expensive they are and having to keep them around for about 18 years, I'd just keep going and going and going. Selah is so precious right now and chubby as ever. Sophie is a phenomenal big sister and loves Selah with all her heart. I'll have to post a video later of Sophie reading to Selah the other night. It is HYSTERICAL! We also just started feeding Selah green beans, and should get some great pictures of her facial expressions when she tastes them. Sophie watched her eat them the first time and said "Mommy I don't think she likes green beans." Then Selah proceeded to gag and throw up everything in her stomach.... That was interesting.
So anyway, lots to look forward to in the next few weeks. Also, I'll have to do a big post this Thursday because........
Trey has Match Day on the 19th. Only 4 more days until we know where we will be for the next four years!

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